May 1, 2017

About us

Our Story

We started our operations in 1998 in MD, USA with a vision to deliver high quality technical services at reasonable prices and with a passion for client satisfaction and true collaboration.

The value that we offer is close attention to your needs, quick response times and transparency.

We have built partnerships with focused firms run by dedicated group of people, to create the suitable bandwidth to deliver.

Our key partners

We bring the best talent together for you–here are some of our key partners:

  • NetEdge Computing: App Dev and Product engineering
    • Portal Development; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Blockchain; Knowledge Management; SW Products
  • Testing Genez: Software QA–Testing Services
    • Application Functionality, Load, Performance, Compatibility testing
    • Test Automation, Security, API, Database testing
    • Web Apps, eCommerce, Mobile Apps


At Your Service

You know what direction you want your company to go. It is our job to help ensure you have the IT capability and commitment to get there. Let us know what you need and we’ll provide the solutions.